Sarah the Fitness Expert

Sarah Robichaud is a classically trained dancer and her passion for an optimum mind-body connection led her to into the gym where she incorporates functional exercises that improve core strength and posture for any age and ability.

As a Certified personal trainer her mission is to provide tools that help people "eliminate the barriers" to being fit. She is consistently innovative in designing workout programs that can be implemented seamlessly into any busy day without spending hours in the gym.

As a crusader for wellness in the workplace she is a keynote speaker helping employees stay fit, energized and focused on the job. Her two published books Getting Fit Without Hitting the Gym and Working on the Ball are targeted to help readers get in shape in the places they are spending the bulk of their time. Sarah wants corporate North America to view their workplace as a 24 hour gym without the costly membership. To book Sarah for an office intervention or guest speaker appearance please click here.

Sarah is the on-air fitness expert for CBS Early Morning Saturday in New York and The Steven and Chris Show in Toronto. To view highlights from her appearances visit the TV Appearances and Steven and Chris pages.

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