Dancing with Parkinson’s

A dance class designed for those living with Parkinson's Disease (PD) that increases awareness of the body in stillness and motion. No previous dance experience is required.

In March of 2008 Sarah Founded the charitable organiztion ‘Dancing with Parkinson’s Inc’. Sarah began with the mission to offer a weekly dance class to PD sufferers free of charge.

The program has experienced overwhelming success and DWP intends to offer classes throughout the country.

Dance and live music come together in this revolutionary approach to help PD patients find joy in their own movement.

For more information or to sign up for classes please visit the DWP website at www.dancingwithparkinsons.com.

dwp-photoAndy Barrie photo

"One of the symptoms of Parkinson's, they tell you, is "difficulty initiating movement". For those of us who aren't used to regular exercise, it turns out this could mean "difficulty getting motivated to doing something about your PD. Sarah is not only a brilliant trainer - her patience, focus, optimism and understanding of Parkinson's make her a perfect partner in the work of staying fit and flexible. But beyond that, her attitude and professionalism helps you want to stay with the program, and that might be the most important skill of all."

Andy Barrie,
CBC Radio Host and Chair of DWP